Clementine Profiled



Manager/ BDO: Endow Media & Marketing

Clementine Mabena , manager to Bob Mabena and Business Development Director of Endow Media & Marketing began her 6 year career in the entertainment industry with Clinch City Entertainment’s annual hip hop festival, Masters of Rhythm. Ms Mabena co-ordinates everything concerning the stage; from dancers and artists to technical aspects of the live production and has used this experience to propel her further in the field of entertainment. Ms Mabena previously worked at Dream Team SA as a project co-ordinator in their events division, having been involved in flagship projects such as:

Maftown Heights Vol 1 & 2

The media launch of VUZU TV’s Nonhle Goes to Hollywood,

VUZU TV and Channel O’s Youth Day celebration in Soweto in 2011

JHB’s premium “Old school versus New School” monthly event, ANALOGUE NITES

METRO FMComedy Experience 2011

Ms Mabena has also done the following corporate events:

Dept of Human Settlements “Each One Settle One” media Launch

Nedbank Achiever Awards 2011

South African Film and Television Awards

Ms Mabena has also done a stipend of radio work. She completed a radio content production internship with Lupi Ncgayisa and Thomas Msengana, was a presenter on Rhythm 100 Radio on her own show called “The Urban Suite” and is currently undergoing formal radio training with her father and mentor, Bob Mabena.

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