Radio consultancy

Radio consultancy specializes in advising brands on the proper usage of radio as an effective medium.  We come in after the creatives has been crafted and the media schedule planned and we vet the application for improved outcomes. EMM also advises on special Radio Promotions for brands across all commercial, ALS and community radio stations.


 Radio Presenter Training and Mentorship

The training of radio presenters kicked off last year with a number of successful workshops in the Pretoria area, with guest presenter like Lupi Ngcayisa and David Mashabela. We train from entry level to professional Presenters, Producers and Program Managers. This year will mark an association with Kaya FM where one attendee will win an opportunity to work on 180 Breakfast Show with Bob for a year.


Marketing the Bob Mabena Brand

The Bob Mabena Brand has been around since 1998 and has grown to cover Radio and Television extensively, with huge success. Bob Mabena is an astute and professional MC and has hosted all of South Africa’s presidents since 1994. Bob Mabena is the only personality to have won awards on both Radio and Television, raced Group N cars professionally, and travelled Africa in a rally car from Tunisia to Cape Point. Amongst many milestones he has hosted the first Arbor Day with Nelson Mandela, Launched 36664 brand and the greening of townships.


Next Step

For bookings e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This website will give information on Radio Workshops, daily tips on how to present a professional show, links to other Radio professionals, opinion on other radio shows, where Bob Mabena will be performing, either by himself or as part of “The Soul Men” – Bob, TBose and George Munedzi of Kaya FM. The site will at a later stage afford you the opportunity to upload your demo and get Bob Mabena’s input and one on one tips for improvement or radio opportunities.



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