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"Heritage & Wealth Creation

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The Bob Mabena Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Bob Mabena to bridge the gap between
the more affluent children and those living in townships in South Africa. Every black child deserves to begin life
with a realizable promise that South Africa will be an equitable society where they can compete at all levels of
society in order to make meaningful contribution to a progressive Africa and the world without compromising their

The Foundation will achieve this through improving learning conditions in townships from early childhood
development institutions to high schools and tertiary institutions. The Foundation has adopted a school in Pretoria
and has already begun to work on enhancing the school’s infrastructure.

How it Will Work

  • Every first or last Sunday of the month, fathers and sons will converge at an agreed to venue to share ideas on a specific  pre-determined topic; with the first one being Heritage and the importance of being Black in this century.

  • There will always be a knowledgeable guest speaker on the topic of the day, complete with a Power Point Presentation that can be handed to attendees.

  • A Q&A session will be catered for.

  • An MC who must be a father himself, will run the program.

  • A light lunch and refreshments will be served.


  • This concept will go a long way in fostering a healthy relationship between Fathers and Sons

  • Instead of negative role models that boys get exposed to (thugs and drug dealers). Boys will be exposed to the possibility of their own fathers being their role models or even other males who will be attending as well

  • At last; the boy child gets some attention. Equal opportunity for all means exactly that and currently in South Africa, there is tendency to focus all energy and resources to the wellbeing of the girl child or women. This has potential to negatively skew the gender balance and subsequently families that have ineffective fathers

  • The concept comes at the right time when Government is attempting to advance and encourage a culture of saving. Even more enticing is the fact that we are in the eye of the storm when it comes to the recession and there is no better time to plan.

  • Better planning at this stage will afford attendees (boys) a head start, in preparation for the good times ahead.  


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